The holiday season is nearly upon us so it’s time to buy new Christmas ornaments for Christmas 2016. While we all have boxes of well-loved, favorite christmas ornaments it is a lot of fun to add some new decorations each year. There are so many beautiful ornaments available from all over the world. Browse through our site to find well-organised collections of Christmas ornaments.

A History of Christmas Ornaments

Did you know that Christmas ornaments have been a tradition for over 1200 years? Supposedly Saint Bonifacea German monk, Saint Boniface, was the creator of the practice of decorating a fir tree. The evergreen tree represents the birth of Jesus, and therefore decorating the tree is a type of celebration of the life of Jesus.

Christmas ornaments are decorations (usually made of glass, metal, wood, or ceramics) that are used to festoon a Christmas tree. Ornaments take many different forms, from a simple round ball to highly artistic designs. Ornaments are almost always reused year after year rather than purchased annually, and family collections often contain a combination of commercially produced ornaments and decorations created by family members. Such collectionRed and green Christmas ornaments on a trees are often passed on and augmented from generation to generation.

Santa Claus is a commonly used figure. Candy canes, fruit, animals, snowmen, angels and snowflake images are also popular choices.
The modern-day mold-blown colored glass Christmas ornament was invented in the small German town of Lauscha in the mid-19th century.
Bowl of christmas blue green ornaments